Mary_for_website no backgroundMary McGuire lives between England and Ireland with her partner. A long-time management consultant, her own life went through a dramatic turnaround after a bout of illness in 2008.

Through a process of trial and error, she started to wake up to her spiritual nature, the nature of happiness and develop a rich inner life. This freed her from the emotional cycles of ups and downs which had marked most of her adult life. As her awareness of the power of thoughts grew and she became more mindful and life opened in wonderful ways. 

Mary has created ‘Find your Joyful Life’, together with writing her first book ‘Coming Home to You’ to share her  journey from lost to found, and share the many ways she has learnt to live a vibrant and full life. 

The book contains practical and usable exercises that will enable you to put the ideas to good use immediately and see results right away.

The right to a joyful life is not just for the selected few, but for everyone.  You can claim yours now by making a choice to find your joyful life and live it to its fullest in every moment.  Here, we will share many tips to help you do just that.