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Coming Home to You – A Handbook for Personal Transformation

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This Book Is For You If You…

  • are constantly questioning if you are good enough;
  • feel your life is on a downward spiral, living to work and working to live;
  • feel like you are always looking for the ‘right’ answer;
  • have lost the joy and passion you once felt;
  • feel like you are suppressing long held emotions, but are unsure how to release them;
  • are constantly worried, stressed and anxious; or
  • know you need to give yourself time and energy to change your life, but are unsure where to begin.

What others say about the book …

“I found ‘Coming Home to You’ both readable and enjoyable” Dame Stephanie Shirley, UK

“’Coming Home to You’ reads like a gateway drug to self-improvement. There’s something for everyone in here!”Courtney Aldor SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

In ‘Coming Home to You’, Mary McGuire generously shares her personal journey from humble beginnings to a life of acceptance and awareness in a way that both moving and instructive. This is a must have manual for fellow truth seekers.” Gregory Stanford -Truth Seeker, New York

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