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Finding your life purpose – a guided meditation

In June I’ll be participating in an online summit which is focusing on how we find our life’s purpose.  If I asked you how closely you felt you were living your life’s purpose what would you say?

Does it feel like something that is deeply embedded into your life’s journey?  Or does it feel like a vague notion to you?  If you feel it is the latter, you are not alone.  Many people would describe themselves as being led by the circumstances of their life, rather than living the life they really choose.

I understand that it can be really hard for you to find the time to really connect with what is important for you.  Here is a short meditation to help you do just that.  When you have a quiet moment, listen to it and see what ideas and pictures emerge for you.  Follow up and take some steps towards the things that will make you happy and more fulfilled.

Life is all about us making positive choices towards our purpose. 

Is today the day for you to do just that?



Guided Meditation, Happiness, Personal Power

Free Guided Meditation – Power up your powerhouse!

Solar Plexus

This brief guided meditation will help you to connect with your inner power house – your solar plexus. This energy centre can be found just above the belly button. If we are feeling weak and overwhelmed, this can often be due to a lack of energy or alignment in the solar plexus. Listen to this brief guided meditation, to help you to reconnect with your inner sun centre and feel reconnected and grounded again. Enjoy.