Resilience Result – Amenable Green

Well done for completing the Resilience Quiz.

Your result was Amenable Green, which suggests that you have difficulty saying no to others, even if this causes you additional work or difficulties.

It’s good to be supportive of others, but not if it as a cost to yourself.

At work this might result in you getting stressed and overwhelmed as you try to help others out, even if you already have a large and growing workload. You may also struggle to ask for help, believing your role is to be the helper.

Tips to help you manage your stress levels would include:

  • Making a commitment to yourself at the start of each day that you will consider your own needs before making offers of help to others.
  • If ‘No’ is an uncomfortable word for you, practice saying it in the mirror to yourself several times until it feels more natural.  Start to develop ways to politely decline requests that are unreasonable or will set your own priorities back and cause you further stress.
  • When feeling under pressure, remember to smile and remind yourself that this moment will pass like all others
  • Ask for help when you know you need it.  People like to help.  You know this, you are one of them!  So empowers others to be able to help you at times.  It will make you feel more human to them and they will appreciate being able to give you something back after all you have given to others.
  • Celebrate key moments through your day or week, by acknowledging your achievements by writing them down in a journal, or sharing them with a colleague or friend.

Like to take this to the next level?  Try this guided meditation which will help you to become even better at supporting yourself and others.


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