Resilience Result – Fiery Temper

Well done for completing the Resilience Quiz.

Your result was Fiery Temper, which suggests that you are quick to anger when under pressure.  You may find that you are always living with a constant sense of anxiety and always waiting for the next issue to emerge so you can sort it.

Your temper means that you may struggle with your relationships at home and at work, as people try to avoid upsetting you and having to deal with your wrath.

Ask yourself what is the basis for this anger.  It will have some deep seated reason why you are holding on to it and allowing it to colour so much of your life.

Tips to help you manage your stress levels would include:

  • Start to connect more mindfully with your breath as this is a great stress reliever.  Before leaving the house every morning, take three long slow breaths.  On the out breath push the breath and any tension out through your mouth.
  • Whilst driving to work, start to make mindful breathing part of your routine, especially in traffic jams.
  • Before joining an important meeting, go to the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and smile as you take two to three deep breaths to relieve tension.
  • If during your day yourself becoming angry about something, take time out, walk around the block and release the emotion through breathing deeply before returning to tackle the issue.
  • Start to change what you feed your sub conscious.  Take less notice of headlines and aggressive television programs and start to watch more comedy or read more life affirming and fun books.  Learn to lighten your heart.
  • Celebrate key moments through your day or week, by acknowledging your achievements by writing them down in a journal, or sharing them with a colleague or friend.

Like to take this to the next level?  Try this guided meditation which will help you to become even better at supporting yourself and others.

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