Resilience Result – Lonely Warrior

Well done for completing the Resilience Quiz.

Your result was Lonely Warrior, which suggests that you find it hard to trust others.  If you are a manager, you may struggle with delegating tasks to others, as you may feel no one will do them to your standard.

This may cause tensions at work and home, as you become controlling, causing yourself stress and anxiety that spills out into your relationships.

Ask yourself what is the basis for this mis-trust? Are you holding on to some deep seated experience that has made you less able to believe in others?

The good news is that you have a choice.  You do not need to continue in this manner.  By opening up and becoming trusting of others, you can learn to relax, take yourself less seriously and become more approachable to those around you.

Tips to help you manage your stress levels would include:

  • Developing a powerful affirmation that you can learn to repeat regularly and often throughout your day.  Start with a phrase like:  “I completely trust myself and others.  I know that all will be well.”  Repeat it whenever you can feel your anxiety about delegating work or seeing a colleague doing something different to your way.  Use the affirmation when you feel your stress levels rising and are in danger of doing something you may later regret.
  • Start to reflect on why trust might be something that you struggle with.  Writing down your thoughts about it is a great way to change your thinking.  Start with a simple exercise like writing down what trust means to you.  Then ask yourself some searching questions such as:  ‘Why do I struggle to trust others?’ ‘How well do I trust myself?’ ‘Can I remember a time in my life when I did trust myself completely?’ ‘How did that feel?’
  • If you manage a team and are used to tightly controlling their work, start to be more relaxed.  Come in later, or leave earlier, so that they can do work without constant supervision.  Let them see that you are starting to trust them.
  • Celebrate key moments through your day or week, by acknowledging your achievements by writing them down in a journal, or sharing them with a colleague or friend.

Like to take this to the next level?  Try this guided meditation which will help you to become even better at supporting yourself and others.


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