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Coming Home to You – A Handbook for Personal Transformation is a highly readable and usable book which addresses many of the life themes that we struggle with in our modern age.

Our relationship to ourselves, our emotions, our thoughts, as well as to our work, to money and to time all create major stressors in our life.  Each chapter in this handbook provides usable techniques to create easy and lasting habits to live a happier and healthier life.


WARNING – this book could change your life!

Why do we struggle so much with Change? Why do our thoughts constantly send us negative images and beliefs? How can we find space to make positive and lasting habits ? If you have been struggling with these and other questions, this book is for you.

In this honest and frank account, Mary McGuire shares her story from humble beginnings to a flourishing international business career and the lessons she has learnt about life, love and harmony along the way.

In this highly readable and usable book, Mary shares practical techniques to immediately put the ideas into from each chapter into practice. Drawing from a wide variety of sources, Coming Home to You, provides insights into how to manage change, find meaningful work and free your spiritual self.


What others say about the book

“I found ‘Coming Home to You’ both readable and enjoyable” Dame Stephanie Shirley, UK – Author of ‘Let it go’

“’Coming Home to You’ reads like a gateway drug to self-improvement. There’s something for everyone in here!” – Courtney Aldor SF Yoga Magazine, San Francisco

“Beautifully written ‘Coming Home to You’ is nourishment for the body, mind and soul. A ‘go to’ book I know I will re-visit.” – Verified Amazon Reviewer, July 2017



  • 2017 BookViral Awards Crimson Quill
  • 2018 NYC Big Book AwardsDistinguished Favorite

About the Author

Mary McGuire started her career as a Social Worker in Northern England, before becoming a Chief Executive of an Oxfordshire based charity for people with Autism .  She moved into the private sector at the turn of the new century and for nearly 20 years she has worked as a Transformation consultant for global companies.  Her own life went through a dramatic turnaround after serious illness in 2008.

She shares her journey from lost to found, and the many ways she has learnt to heal herself and live a joyful life. She believes that this is possible for everyone to achieve and this is the motivation behind this book.

Mary holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work, An MBA in Business and an MSc in Organisational Development.

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