Transformational Coaching

We all need a little helping hand sometimes.  We get lost on our journey, become stuck, let fear overtake us or just lose our confidence in ourselves.  When that happens its time to reach out and get some gentle and loving help to get you back on your way.  Sometimes that can be achieved with friends and family, but for many this is not a viable option.

Perhaps you want to talk to someone confidentially.  Or maybe you have a daring idea that you want to be able to incubate and explore in an open and safe space.  You might even be thinking the unthinkable and wanting to make a major change in your life.

Whatever it is I can help.  I’m Mary McGuire and I have over 20 years of transformation expertise for individuals and organisations.  I use a gentle self-paced approach, based on my training in counselling, and my  energy and intuition skills.  I can offer one-to-one coaching, delivered wherever you are, whenever you need it through the wonderful power of modern technology.


The process works like this.


A free introductory 15 – 20 minute talk to assess your needs and what you are looking for from a coach. 

We can get to know each other, explore your needs and decide if we have the right rapport to work together.  You have no obligation to proceed if it doesn’t feel right for you.



The One-month kick starter. 

When you have a good idea what you want to do, whether that be for your personal transformation, or to get an idea off the ground that you have been dreaming of for sometime, this short focused package is perfect for you.  In four sessions, delivered weekly, we will explore what you want to achieve, how you will achieve it, define your plan to do just that and release any blockages that are in your way.


The Six-month Commitment to Transformation package.

This is a structured session of 6 – 8 sessions where we will explore and address key areas of your life that you wish to change.  Using a mixture of intuitive support, energy healing, life coaching and targeted activities. You will be taking a journey to meet your most vibrant, committed and energetic version of yourself.  If you have not seen this person around in your life for quite a while, then this gentle, structured and focused approach will help you to find him or her.


To find our more and for a no-commitment chat about how I can help you to reconnect to life’s purpose and get your life on track, then contact me.