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Welcome to Find Your Joyful Life.

We all have potential within us to achieve great things.  We are capable of living a fulfilled, happy and healthy life.

In Findyourjoyfullife.com you will learn to:

  • embrace change as a positive force in your life;
  • discover how to take control of and improve your: thoughts; feelings; health; and well-being, step by step; and
  • reclaim your sense of happiness and vibrancy.

“Change is not something to be fearful of, in fact the opposite is true. We should always be suspicious of stagnation and the loss of movement in our life.“ Coming Home to You – Chapter 2

‘Coming Home to You – A Handbook for Personal Transformation’ was published in 2017.  The ideas and exercises from the book are shared freely in my regular blog posts, free guided meditations and other downloads.  All of them are tried and tested and have had a lasting effect in bringing about real and positive change.

Find our more in this short video:

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You can buy the book ‘Coming Home to You: A handbook for personal transformation’ here, or through online retailers and local independent bookstores.

In it I share how my journey transformed from one of happenstance, struggle and illness, to living the most joyous and enlightened life imaginable.  I believe the same is possible for you and that is why I will share ideas, tools and practices here with you to help you to find your joyful life.